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CA Commercial Realty Partners is dedicated to providing the most comprehensive service in every transaction with which it becomes involved. The 30 years of commercial real estate experience in all aspects of the industry provides our clients the expertise required to not only complete today's complex and multi-faceted transactions, but to ensure that our clients receive the best value in the marketplace.

We understand the property acquisition process, having completed small, as well as very large, sale transactions. For example, our Managing Partner was instrumental in selling a portfolio investment of over $100 million in value. It involved 47 individual properties totaling 1.75 million square feet in multiple locations and different partnership structures in place for the various properties.

We also understand land acquisition for development, having represented developers and users, which requires extensive knowledge of zoning and planning, and the overall site selection process.

Lastly, we have access to the mortgage/finance sector of the industry and know how to direct our clients to the right financial resources for their sale transactions.

Our experience in negotiating leases of all types, from triple-net industrial and retail net leases to full-service office leases, provides our clients with in-depth analysis of those most important financial and legal documents that the client has to live with for many years after the deal is done.

We believe in being a partner in the transaction with our clients and stand by our clients all the way through the entire process. We stay in constant contact with our clients, so we are there for them for any of their real estate-related needs or concerns.

Consulting and Advisory
CA Commercial Realty Partners believes in advising their clients on what they need to know, not necessarily on what they want to hear. Commercial real estate is one of the most capital-intensive and largest asset classes a business can have, next to their employees and equipment. In addition, making a wrong decision in the location of a commercial facility is not only costly in terms of capital expense, but in terms of human resources. A company's human capital can be severely and negatively impacted by an uninformed real estate decision. We thoroughly investigate all options available to our clients, and we weigh the consequences of their decision, based upon not only market conditions, but demographics, economic benefits, utilities, and tax implications, both for real property and business taxes.

There are hard decisions to be made on commercial real estate assets, and CA Commercial Realty Partners will be your trusted advisor, because we know commercial real estate from a practical and real world perspective.

We advise developers, corporations, individual and institutional investors, mortgage/finance companies, and (believe it or not) other brokerage firms.

Let us help you with your commercial real estate challenges; we listen and thoroughly learn about your business before we even begin to provide advice or guidance.



Consulting and Advisory

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