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Bob Canter
Managing Partner

Bob has managed hundreds of millions of dollars in transactions and represented many national and multi-national corporations over the years. With 30+ years of experience, he has grown with the commercial real estate business, from before the age of technology, to the present era of IT and web-based business applications. He fully understands how to implement the benefits that technology has brought to the industry. Bob has worked in every discipline of the commercial industry and knows both sides of any commercial transaction.

Prior to starting CA Commercial Realty Partners. Bob was the Sales Training Director and in-house commercial real estate expert for Costar Group, Inc. In his 30 years, Bob has managed numerous commercial real estate agents and sales offices, always producing top results in every office. He was instrumental in the Investment Portfolio Sale of 1.75 Million Square Feet for $105 Million in New Jersey, along with managing a 1.7 million square foot mixed-use commercial development.

Why Work With Bob Canter? Aside from his proven results and lucrative success stories, he has weathered five major economic recessions, including the early 1990's real estate collapse. Bob's real estate acumen enabled him to navigate through the toughest economic waters, to emerge as one of the Industry's most successful commercial real estate professionals.

Bob's knowledge and experience has been recognized by the Maryland and D.C. Real Estate Commissions to teach commercial real estate continuing-education courses. The courses were designed and written by Bob, and he instructs these classes through GCAAR (Greater Capital Area Association of Realtors) as a way of giving back to the industry.

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